What is Inno­vation?

What is innovation?

Innovation is more than a good Idea. Flashes of wit from ingenious masterminds are oftencited and very rare exceptions. Successful innovations are based on purposeful, learnable and repeatable best practices. Human progress in terms of technology, lifestyle and interaction with society and the environment is created by innovations. For companies innovations are needed to continuously provide attractive and competitive products and services. Incremental, radical and disruptive innovations are results of innovation as an approach.

Innovation creates innovations.

How can chances for successful innovation be increased?

By means of innovation competences of the individual, effective collaboration and methodical approaches towards the best concepts. Trainings, Workshops, Coaching and Consulting set foundations and support implementation. From first thoughts to market success. In short, by structured innovation.

What keeps us from creating ground-breaking innovations?

The human being is a complex and awesome creature with many qualities to secure survival. One important quality is psychological inertia. It helps to quickly react, save resources and prevent risks, but hinders innovation. Psychological inertia includes:


Restricted Perception:

Eyes only see what they know and actual perception is limited to a fragment of reality. Innovation needs a view beyond the horizon.


Force of Habit:

Routine patterns of thought and behaviour protect from mental overload and avoid risks. Innovation requires breaking with routines.


Need for Harmony:

A consistent picture is a valuable asset for humans. If necessary, facts will be unconsciously faked. Innovation depends on a clear and unbiased view.


Intuitive Solution Development:

Solution orientation encourages premature decisions. Successful innovations are usually found elsewhere than in obvious initial ideas.


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